Pedal Powered Water Bike

“A water filter system, which will benefit millions worldwide”

This unique innovative design has been invented (with a process patent applied for) and developed for small communities with no electricity or as a first response unit in the aftermath of flooding, earthquakes etc. when there is water available but it is not clean or safe.

The pedal powered water bike is capable of delivering microbiologically pure water from some of the world’s most contaminated water sources.

The treated water is clean, clear and safeguarded from all worms, cysts, a wide range of bacteria and even most water-borne viruses.

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Operation and Technology


The Pedal Power Ultra Filtration unit is capable of drawing water through the perforated metal intake on a length of flexible hose, from 4 metres deep – a creek, river, shallow well or lake.

A gear pump modified by WWW is connected by a toothed belt to the heavy flywheel that has the pedal attached, for the maximum kinetic energy.

A 10 year old child can easily pedal to filter their family’s daily water requirements

The revolutionary water treatment system is comprised of 2 separate filtration processes;

  1. The water to be treated from any river, lake, creek or dam, can be drawn with the suction line from up to 4 vertical metres to the Water Bike.  The water then flows through the control valve, fitted into the top of the blue fibreglass reinforced plastic tank, down through an American all- natural environmentally safe, granular filter media with a large surface area and micro porous structure.  The angularity of the particles, the rough surface and porosity provide a high surface area which is over 100 times greater than silica sand.  It is a highly efficient filter to reduce dirt, silt, organic material and suspended matter from the passing water down to between 3 and 5 micron – approximately eight times finer than what is visible to the naked eye (40 micron)
  2. The water then passes through the Dow Ultra Filtration membrane unit.  The UF modules are made from a bundle of high strength long hollow membrane tubes inside the white chamber. Outside- in configuration is used.
    The nominal pore diameter of the UF membrane at  0.03 micron removes bacteria, viruses and particulates

The filtered water is treated at 14 litres per minute into a storage tank fitted with a tap to control the delivery into containers.

  • Ideal in a remote static village community situation.
  • This brilliant device can easily sustain 2500 to 3000 people’s needs of 5 litres per person per day, in an emergency, providing clean purified fresh tasting water.

Intermittent Up-flow backwashing is achieved by the manual control valve using the treated water from the storage tank by way of a two-way valve for the most effective long term cleaning of the material.

Easy pedaling generates the water flow up through the granules that rise up in the water (fluidise) to release any accumulated organic material that is washed away down a drain pipe to waste.

When the waste water runs clean, the two-way valve process is reversed back into the service position to allow filtered water into the storage tank again.

The only maintenance requirement is approximately 30 mls of household chlorine in solution poured into the filtered water tank and run through the UF membrane monthly.

  • The filter media is not sacrificial – it lasts for years and years.
  • The  Dow UF membrane unit typically lasts for approximately 5 years
  • Spare toothed belts are supplied.
  • Locally sourced chlorine solution is all that is required for on-going maintenance.
  • There are no filters to clog or block.
  • There are no filters to require on-going potentially expensive logistics for maintenance in very remote areas.

For the most economical capital outlay and the most economical operating expense,  The World Wide Water Pedal Powered Water Bike is simply remarkably effective water protection.