Welcome to World Wide Water Ltd

World Wide Water was established and is wholly owned by the Kelly family of New Zealand with the express purpose of inventing, developing and marketing innovative, revolutionary and unique water treatment technologies for use in Third World countries and for global civil emergencies.

International patents and trademarks protect all technologies.

Survival Bag

This product has been devised as a first response device for individuals and families in refugee camps, during civil emergencies or in remote locations.

About the Survival Bag

Pedal Powered

This unique innovative design has been invented and developed for small communities with no electricity or as a first response unit to flooding, earthquakes etc.

Pedal Powered Water Bike

RK Series

The rugged galvanised steel frame has been designed to enable any of the RK series units to be transported over difficult terrain to remote sites by land or air without sustaining damage.

About the RK Series

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